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A Tribute to Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.


This week, one of the greatest men I have ever met passed away. 
Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. (or "Charles" or "Tree," as he liked to be called) was the first in his family to attend college, Stanford University; graduated from Harvard Law School; later become a tenured professor at Harvard Law School; represented Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas Hearings; helped President Nelson Mandela draft South Africa's constitution; worked with Johnnie Cochran on the O.J. Simpson case; worked to get reparations for the victims of the Tulsa Riots and destruction of "Black Wall Street"; advised numerous Presidents, including teaching and mentoring Barack and Michelle Obama; and candidly has too many professional accolades to mention. But with all that he accomplished and with the massive impact he had in the world, he always made time for everyone. He always helped anyone who needed it. And he never spoke an unkind word about even his fiercest adversaries.
I hope that you will take a minute to watch this tribute to Professor Ogletree. It will provide you with a small sense of this great man and the work that he has called us to do. Know that while he mentions my first organization, BELL, he is speaking directly to you and directly to our work, responsibility and impact.
We love you, Professor Ogletree.