Giving Our Scholars and Partners Our Best

  • Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA) is a transformative leader in education working to create great public schools. We partner with school districts, charter authorizers, school boards, parents and communities to help schools improve and students excel. Our foundation for school improvement and increased accountability results is cemented in PLA's six Academic Priorities for Success.

Effective leadership, effective instruction, climate & culture, collaborative staff, curriculum, assessments & interventions,

Our Approach to Creating Great Schools

  • We bring research, knowledge, technology, and practical experience to the table in collaborating with boards and district leaders to achieve better outcomes for students. While some educational management organizations only offer human resources and accounting, PLA supports its partners in academics, finance, communications, and operations. Our core services include:

PLA Core Services: Recruitment, Marketing, Human Resources, Parent Engagement, Classroom Management, Coaching Cycle

Our Results

  • Emerging as one of the most diverse and impactful leaders in school transformation,  we work to create high-quality schools, better learning experiences, and a culture of accountability that supports student achievement. Our results: 

    • Transformed six F-rated schools into A-rated schools, all within three years of becoming a partner. 

    • Earned school rankings of #4 and #5 in the district for strongest growth – with 8.2% and 8.1% increases in state test score proficiency growth, respectively.


    • Accelerated progress towards grade-level proficiency with 72% of our scholars showing standard to high annual growth on state tests.


    • Proficiency in math increased 18% after 2 years at a partner Florida elementary school, while the district grew 0% over those same 2 years.


    • Went from a D to an A state rating in one year based on tremendous student growth at our school in Merrillville, IN.


    • Doubled scholar proficiency rates in our first year in Detroit. 

Diversity Matters

  • PLA is unique both in its track record and that much of its leadership is a diverse representative of the communities we serve. PLA has also been successful in  recruiting high percentages of teachers of color, both male and female. Our diverse staff and our deep knowledge of our communities have enhanced our ability to partner with families, and help our scholars excel:


How do we partner with PLA?

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