About Us

  • A+ Arts Academy provides a personalized elementary and junior high school education for scholars in kindergarten through eighth grade in the Columbus, Ohio area. The PLUS in A+ Arts Academy stands for our school environment. Your child will be safe, protected, cared for and nurtured in an atmosphere that rewards learning, self-respect and dignity.

    The mission of our schools is to be known for producing responsible and accountable students who demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth, leadership and moral values, ultimately becoming exceptional citizens. 

    We are known for our foundation in state standards that utilizes local, national and global resources while incorporating the arts. Scholars of the A+ Arts Academy develop into well-rounded learners who are prepared to undertake the challenges in elementary through junior high school and beyond.

    We strive to be a diverse, interactive school providing a safe environment and foundation for life-long learning. We will actively promote academics through infusion of the arts and encouraging scholars to strive for excellence in all aspects of life. Our vision seeks:


    • To develop competence in the core subject areas, including language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts and interactive technologies
    • To develop relevant academic skills which translate to future success inside and outside of the classroom
    • To foster strong character development
    • To promote a learning environment where students, parents, staff and the community partner in the educational process working toward the achievement of all

Our Curriculum

  • A+ Arts Academy offers core academic classes with dedicated teachers in small classes within a small school environment. In addition to mathematics, language arts, social studies and science, we offer a wide variety of art classes, drama, choir, life skills and physical education.

    Our scholars explore the world of art through ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, drama, choir, band, dance, flags, and other means of artistic expression. We believe in the value of an arts-enhanced education.

    Effective teaching and learning must take place in an environment that is disciplined, organized and controlled. We promote self-discipline and self-control while practicing preventative rather than punitive discipline. 

    Our teachers are certified, licensed and experienced. Classes are small to better serve the diverse educational needs of our students. The rules and expectations that guide and govern student behavior at A+ Arts Academy are clearly explained and consistently enforced.

    At A+ Arts Academy, we aim to be more than a school by providing our scholars and families with:

    • Certified, licensed, professional and compassionate teachers
    • Small class sizes in a smaller school environment
    • A commitment to academic success
    • A strong focus on visual and performance art: graphic design, band, choir, drama, dance & more
    • Experiential learning through community engagement
    • A rich variety of field trips and field learning experiences
    • A full gymnasium along with two physical education classes each week
    • Transportation provided by Columbus City Schools and other local districts
    • Free breakfast, lunch and after school snacks
    • Free after-school tutoring*

Our Locations

  • Fair Campus K-6

    1395 Fair Ave., Columbus OH 43205

    Principal Rick Davis | 614.725.1305  

    Maybury Campus K-6

    2633 Maybury Rd., Columbus OH, 43232

    Interim Principal CaLeathiea Cornelius | 614.626.2250

    Napoleon Campus 7 & 8

    270 S. Napoleon Ave., Columbus, OH 43213

    Interim Principal Dr. Channa Barrett | 614.338.0767

A+ Arts Academy