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About Maybury Campus

  • At A+ Arts Academy Maybury Campus, it is our mission to develop high-achieving scholars who will be successful in academics and the arts. We have talented and experienced teachers that spend countless hours dedicating themselves to their craft and career. Our teachers use research-based strategies based on gathered data to drive their instruction to raise scholar achievement in the classroom. 

    The Maybury Campus is situated close to three scenic parks: Noe-Bixby, Nafzger and Catalpa. We serve Blacklick, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington and Whitehall. The Maybury campus features a very large park, and the building has a gymnasium with a performance stage, classrooms with large windows and a large playground and park. It also features wireless technology, smart boards and mobile laptop labs.


  • In addition to math, language arts, social studies and science, A+ Arts Academy Maybury Campus offers a wide variety of additional courses including: financial literacy, health, visual arts, drama, choir, creative writing, life skills, technology and physical education. 

    Our creative writing class includes all forms of written artistic expression – poetry, short story writing, article writing, Haiku, novellas and other forms of writing. We offer our creative writers an outlet to develop and, if they wish, to share their creative writing gifts with others.

    Our physical education program prepares scholars to have a healthy and active lifestyle and for participation in social and lifetime activities by helping them acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to continue with these activities. We provide opportunities to explore sports, fitness and other activities and discover how their bodies move while improving their self-confidence.

    Our female scholars can choose to participate in the Just for Us program. In this class, they will have the opportunity to talk about issues that pertain to being a young lady. The class concludes with a day-long trip to YMCA Camp Wilson for horseback riding, rock-climbing and a cook-out. Male scholars can join Young Men of the Roundtable, a boys-only discussion group focusing on issues that young men face in elementary school and beyond. This class offers young men guidance, insight and development as they prepare to move from boys to young men.

    Overall, we feel that all scholars should be prepared for the demands of post-secondary education, meaningful careers and effective leadership in their respective communities.

PLUS (Arts-Enhanced Education)

  • Scholars at A+ Arts Academy Maybury Campus explore the world of art through ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, drama, choir, band, dance, flags, and other means of artistic expression. Our arts program is designed to provide an expansive collection of experiences in the visual and performing arts. 

    Scholars will be able to learn different mediums and then be able to display and perform before a variety of audiences, with a continuous focus on creative expression, self-discipline and self-confidence. Each grade level will have an opportunity to spend time singing, drumming, making and playing instruments of their own, dancing, storytelling, acting, drawing, sculpting, painting and more.

    Small performances and art displays are given regularly and at least one larger production shared as a school-wide evening event. Additional opportunities, such as drum-line, drill team and private music lessons for various instruments are offered during the after school hours for those who wish to supplement their performing arts education. Success is measured not merely in the mastery of specific skills, but, more importantly, in how much confidence each child has gained.

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